Order 66 uncut edition

5 ene 2021
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Oh no not the younglings!
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  • I guess the Jedi Council got tired of waiting for Yarael Poof to get back with the pizza so they got someone else to do it.

    WALN ZellWALN ZellHace 19 días
  • What is Alan do Caleissian doing there?

    Rafael AlódioRafael AlódioHace 21 un día
  • Lmao I love Troy just walking in.

    Echo ProductionsEcho ProductionsHace 23 días
  • No my Pizza 😂

    Andre OstwaldAndre OstwaldHace 24 días
  • Where the am I?

    r0manr0manHace 24 días
  • Not even the Lando survived!

    nikolanikniknikolaniknikHace 26 días
  • pizza guy came

    Maverick6122Maverick6122Hace 28 días
  • Chang is killing his students

    your last two brain cellsyour last two brain cellsHace 28 días
  • Now this is the darkest timeline

    PeperodiasPeperodiasHace 28 días
  • Anakin: No witnesses!!!

    IIVampBuildsIIVampBuildsHace 29 días
  • *yes*

    Captain PriceCaptain PriceHace un mes
  • Fail

    ¡ FAMOSO ! Daniel¡ FAMOSO ! DanielHace un mes
  • I enjoyed collecting their souls

    DeathDeathHace un mes
  • I would never cut down such a loving face.

    Cam BuxtonCam BuxtonHace un mes
  • This is the best edited star wars meme i have seen so far.

    Some Dude From The RebellionSome Dude From The RebellionHace un mes
  • i am the 8501 to like the video

    Sumihiko KamadoSumihiko KamadoHace un mes
  • But "uncut" looks different :D

    Venar 5912Venar 5912Hace un mes
  • Its pizza time

    shadow gaming 12shadow gaming 12Hace un mes
  • Perfect.

    Ninja SushiNinja SushiHace un mes
  • oh

    Sam CurtisSam CurtisHace un mes
  • Nice

    Anakin SkywalkerAnakin SkywalkerHace un mes
  • I bet like 20% of the views dont know it's from community lmao

    sirbanter 1sirbanter 1Hace un mes
  • anakin become pizza lord

  • Damn Mando was really in all three trilogies

    Billy LimperisBilly LimperisHace un mes
  • Rip

    Koopa / MK ProductionsKoopa / MK ProductionsHace un mes
  • He died because he dropped the pizza.

    ChromxRobin And CorrinxCamilla Lover And SupporterChromxRobin And CorrinxCamilla Lover And SupporterHace un mes
  • That was unexpected for me

    Johnthegreat001Johnthegreat001Hace un mes
  • Definitely the darkest timeline

    Alef HenryAlef HenryHace un mes
    • Lol.

      Echo ProductionsEcho ProductionsHace 23 días
  • is it strange that there are exactly 66 dislikes?

    Abigail GrahamAbigail GrahamHace un mes
  • The Slayer has entered the facility.....THE YOUNGLING SLAYER.

    Tanner McCarthyTanner McCarthyHace un mes
  • I hope I don't get put on a list for this

    Alejandro Van DrielAlejandro Van DrielHace un mes
  • I just blew my Tuskin juice all over the place. That was hilarious!

    Darth Kimchi Gone SithinDarth Kimchi Gone SithinHace un mes
  • Must be those 66 pizzas...

    Herb OrtyHerb OrtyHace un mes
  • wait.... but if troy is in this timeline, which troy is in the normal timeline???

    Bill CipherBill CipherHace un mes
    • Illuminate confirmed.

      Echo ProductionsEcho ProductionsHace 23 días
  • yo whats lando doin at the jedi temple in 19 bby

    Evany13Evany13Hace un mes
  • LOL!

    NerdFlanders303NerdFlanders303Hace un mes
  • Lando?

    Kobe AndersonKobe AndersonHace un mes
  • When Anakin finds out the younglings ordered their pizza with pineapples

    KnaussenheimerKnaussenheimerHace un mes
  • Lando¿

    indie moon treeindie moon treeHace un mes
  • Wut? He get light siber to kill clones that came there everyone knows

    kotełkotełHace un mes
  • That's Yareal Poof entering the scene there

    BNS MarkBNS MarkHace un mes
  • Wow 6.6k likes

    Agent Panda #3502Agent Panda #3502Hace un mes
    • I posted this comment 3 days ago and now it has 8k likes dang it but it did have 6.6k likes

      Agent Panda #3502Agent Panda #3502Hace un mes
  • I absolutely love how even the Pizza delivery man was cut down.

    Dragon On CokeDragon On CokeHace un mes
  • When you worked your ass off to deliver on time despite Coruscant's traffic, only to find some dude in a hood slaying your customers

    Tlot PwistTlot PwistHace un mes
  • I think you mean cut edition

    Simon JanzSimon JanzHace un mes
  • weird how we all want t see an actual version of Anakin killing the younglings

    Will MWill MHace un mes
  • The moment Anakin decided to have all the pizza for himself, is when he truly became a dark Sith lord

    Ozzy SlantOzzy SlantHace un mes
  • ♪Troy and Abed on the Council!♪ (But are not granted the rank of master)

    BudgetDeckMasterMTGBudgetDeckMasterMTGHace un mes
  • *"Uncut"*

    icecream4youicecream4youHace un mes
  • Lando

    Commander SlaknakCommander SlaknakHace un mes
  • Captions: applause Me: yes very

    Motier de LaFayette, Marquis de LaFayetteMotier de LaFayette, Marquis de LaFayetteHace un mes
  • It’s a shame most people don’t know who that is. It’s Troy from community on Netflix

    Noble Six StudiosNoble Six StudiosHace un mes
    • But the shows not originally from Netflix its from regular TV.

      Echo ProductionsEcho ProductionsHace 23 días
  • Pizza man: I have the pizza! Anakin Skywalker: NO PIZZA!

    unecumber steamerunecumber steamerHace un mes
  • Pizza time cya chump

    Tobias KuhnTobias KuhnHace un mes
  • this is what actually happened when yarael poof brought pizza

    colkiDcolkiDHace un mes
  • Hahaha 😂

    Lord A 4Lord A 4Hace un mes
  • Why was mace windu there

    HowToConfusionHowToConfusionHace un mes
  • You mean extra cut

    Gobo UndasGobo UndasHace un mes
  • Order 66 uncut uncut edition

    Dragon Boy ROBLOXYTDragon Boy ROBLOXYTHace un mes
  • Lando!? What are you doing here? *TIME PARADOX*

    Mister FidelioMister FidelioHace un mes
  • Btw, wat song u use for dis? Just asking

    Sergeant SaltySergeant SaltyHace un mes

    Star Wars GamerStar Wars GamerHace un mes
  • oh don't worry, SOMEONE was cut alright

    s hs hHace un mes
  • Masta skywakr

    DuoIsReallyGamerDuoIsReallyGamerHace un mes
  • Can you create the Same scene without the meme in it ? That would be Amazing !!!

    Darth VaderDarth VaderHace un mes
    • yes the dark lord and the most deadly sith commands it.

      Ramon LopezRamon LopezHace un mes
  • Anakin landed a 1.

    SlapOfBolognaSlapOfBolognaHace un mes
  • * pizza time stops *

    Anna WilsonAnna WilsonHace un mes
  • Childish Gambino's reaction to the kids dying was hillarious

    Kyle JonesKyle JonesHace un mes
  • This reminds of the adult swin episode of yarael proog bringing pizza

    marcus blademarcus bladeHace un mes
  • Did the younglings have lightsabers

    Dark Lord SauronDark Lord SauronHace un mes
  • Anakin's mind: welcome to Anakin's cooking show! Today we're making youngling chops!

    Molten988Molten988Hace un mes
  • It was at this point Anakin, the Clones, and all the Jedi took a 10 minute Pizza Break before going back to killing each other.

    Darth NerdDarth NerdHace un mes
  • Plot twist..: One of those lil F***er's got a lucky lightsaber strike and that's why Vader is missing his hand..

    World Wide WeberWorld Wide WeberHace un mes
  • “Hate leads to anger and anger leads to never letting anyone else talk!”

    MakaiRanger99MakaiRanger99Hace un mes
  • JJA was right. Star wars was only meant for children so that they could see how much Anakin hated them.

    Nemo RathoreNemo RathoreHace un mes
  • And so he killed the pizza man. And not just the pizza man, but the pizza woman and the pizza children as well.

    Nemo RathoreNemo RathoreHace un mes
  • I wonder why they cut it

    Matthew HosierMatthew HosierHace un mes
  • Actually, this makes a good point. Did the kids fight back. That's sad.

    CloudpaintCloudpaintHace un mes
  • The real reason he was screaming was because he left his cookies in the oven.

    ꕥ꧁ Puff and stuff꧂ꕥꕥ꧁ Puff and stuff꧂ꕥHace un mes
  • lol thats some good editing! and that pizza guy has a slow reaction time

    rivellrrivellrHace un mes
  • My two favorite things ever combined

    Sean MacguireSean MacguireHace un mes
  • There goes the pizza party.

    Michael DuhrkoopMichael DuhrkoopHace un mes
  • It's Yarael's pizza

    Kelly Thomas ForresterKelly Thomas ForresterHace un mes

    ZorouxZorouxHace un mes
    • Lol.

      Echo ProductionsEcho ProductionsHace 23 días
  • Cool, cool cool cool.

    NotMatiasNotMatiasHace un mes
  • He was delivering jedi-pizza to the younglings

    ᒪOᖇᗪ ᐯᗩᗪEᖇᒪOᖇᗪ ᐯᗩᗪEᖇHace un mes
  • Love when Lando makes an appearance

    shane madaioshane madaioHace un mes
  • That seem like it I think we are all satisfied 👍👍

    Lil WoodsmanLil WoodsmanHace un mes
  • esworld.info/do/j6acqWGSjYrRmrs/v-deo.html

    Reverse FlashReverse FlashHace un mes
    • it fits perfectly when he walks in

      Reverse FlashReverse FlashHace un mes
  • never gets old just like the younglings

  • LOL

    Jadarie WJadarie WHace un mes
  • Turn on captions at the end

    Matthew HunterMatthew HunterHace un mes
  • Six Seasons and a Sci-Fi-Trilogy

    Linus KauschatLinus KauschatHace un mes
    • Lmao.

      Echo ProductionsEcho ProductionsHace 23 días
  • A like your cut g

    SkidmarksLordSkidmarksLordHace un mes
  • Troy and aniken in the morning!

    Penny LumleyPenny LumleyHace un mes
    • Lol.

      Echo ProductionsEcho ProductionsHace 23 días

    miraakmiraakHace un mes
  • Execute order me a pizza

    Enderdino 1Enderdino 1Hace un mes
  • Did I just see obi want Kenobi get sliced at the near end I bet anakin thought that’s for not telling me palpatine was a Sith Lord jackass obi WANs last words wait a akin n-

    Some guy Who’s a dbz fanSome guy Who’s a dbz fanHace un mes
  • LOL

    Caber JaberCaber JaberHace un mes
  • Star wars Z season 3 an empire begins, alies turn into viscous opponents, and a high groud must be unleashed to survive presented uncut and digitally remastered for clarity you can only get on dvd

    Hunter's animation channelHunter's animation channelHace un mes