Harry gets invited to Smash Bros

20 ago 2020
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  • For everyone wondering the song is Tay K returns to Dreamland 4

    Jonkari PJonkari PHace 7 meses
    • @fabian mota why would I be talking to u

      Darth_Am5rDarth_Am5rHace un mes
    • @fabian mota no

      Darth_Am5rDarth_Am5rHace un mes
    • @Darth_Am5r me?

      fabian motafabian motaHace un mes
    • Hey bro u have amazing zenith good how do you do it if you don’t mind me asking

      Darth_Am5rDarth_Am5rHace un mes
  • Song name?

    Gaafdovjun GamingGaafdovjun GamingHace 4 días
    • Tay K returns to Dreamland 4

      Doge animationDoge animationHace 4 días
  • this is content!

    slinkYYslinkYYHace 7 días
  • POV: You just watched a Boys video

    Anil RagoonananAnil RagoonananHace 7 días
  • This makes me laugh every time

    M HM HHace 8 días
  • Yes

    lithma 11lithma 11Hace 8 días
  • the only magic he can do is get Waluigi in smash

    Jr JasonJr JasonHace 11 días
  • What s the name of the song?

    Levente GalLevente GalHace 13 días
  • I really like this song what's it called?

    NotYoshNotYoshHace 14 días
  • I hope J.K. Rowling finds out about this content

    Meep PandaMeep PandaHace 15 días

    Sir ChesnaughtSir ChesnaughtHace 15 días
  • dude this is great

    Teun BaasTeun BaasHace 15 días
  • GAME!

    Strider LokiStrider LokiHace 15 días
  • I wanna know the music

    Play-doh PoptartPlay-doh PoptartHace 15 días
    • @Doge animation thank you

      Play-doh PoptartPlay-doh PoptartHace 4 días
    • Tay K returns to Dreamland 4

      Doge animationDoge animationHace 4 días
  • Oh man, this is funny

    Phoenix PlaysPhoenix PlaysHace 18 días
  • LMAO

    BigStrong ManBigStrong ManHace 19 días
  • You are a epeist Harry

    XantoXantoHace 19 días
  • Man was playing Pokémon he was trying to catch Harry Potter

    BlackBlackHace 19 días
  • Your a character harry. Im a what? YOUR A CHAARCTER

    Jamisoncraig StringfieldJamisoncraig StringfieldHace 19 días
  • Haha

    faze bomberfaze bomberHace 19 días

    Chevy BlueChevy BlueHace 19 días
  • What is the song

    gamer navgamer navHace 20 días
    • Tay K returns to Dreamland 4

      Doge animationDoge animationHace 4 días
  • If only

    Leon TalulaLeon TalulaHace 20 días
  • yes bois

    Rachel DrayRachel DrayHace 21 un día

    Tyrone GamingTyrone GamingHace 21 un día
  • Plot twist: Dumbledore is Sakuri

    Mario Builder 2Mario Builder 2Hace 22 días
  • I can't stop watching

    cyrushicksisherecyrushicksishereHace 22 días
  • Your a fighter harry

    Bruh JuanBruh JuanHace 23 días
  • Harry Potter and the smash of the bro

    Oliver JonesOliver JonesHace 23 días
  • his final smash should be him and ron crashing into the other fighters with the flying Ford

    oscar cool12345oscar cool12345Hace 23 días
  • this is good but... #PJOFORSMASH

    Cindy the Cinderace and the SevenCindy the Cinderace and the SevenHace 24 días
  • lol

    Leonardo Viteri 2026Leonardo Viteri 2026Hace 24 días
  • hij word gestraft

    citizenofhyrulecitizenofhyruleHace 24 días
  • I watch this at least once a month..rookie numbers

    Jordy ShortRibsJordy ShortRibsHace 24 días
  • NANI

    SlushyVRSlushyVRHace 24 días
  • The editing on this is so good!

    UltraSonicUltraSonicHace 24 días
  • Unrelated but there’s this book called the ickabog (I think that’s how you spell it) that jk Rowling wrote it’s really good

    Avatar AangAvatar AangHace 24 días
  • What song did you use for dia

    PickleGamer774PickleGamer774Hace 25 días
    • Dis*

      PickleGamer774PickleGamer774Hace 25 días
  • Godzilla vs kong

    EEE EEEEEE EEEHace 26 días
  • Songs called tay k returns to dreamland4

    Seo MintySeo MintyHace 26 días
  • I can't a a smash bros character said harry

    Kathan HillisKathan HillisHace 26 días
  • Uncle Dursley will have some choice words on Twitter about this

    You TubeYou TubeHace 27 días
  • “I like ya cut g”

    TheForgottenCartoon RobloxTheForgottenCartoon RobloxHace 27 días
  • That edit tho

    Zelda DudeZelda DudeHace 28 días
  • Harry, it’s not safe. Snake will kill you with his rocket launchers. Harry: 0_0

    Ayaan BharuchaAyaan BharuchaHace 28 días
  • Idk why I can't stop laughing lol

    Miguel VillaMiguel VillaHace 28 días
  • Oh my g- my brother would love this plus I’m a griffindor and he’s a hufflepuff

    Spider ManSpider ManHace 28 días
  • “For his neutral special, he wields a wand.”

    David VertleyDavid VertleyHace 28 días
  • Hagrid: Your the *Ultimate* Harry. Harry: *EXPECTO SMASHTRONUM!*

    galarprincegalarprinceHace 29 días
  • Cool mannnn👍

    Branka RisticBranka RisticHace 29 días
  • I finally found the clip where Narrator laughed!

    BlackRed_ GachaBlackRed_ GachaHace 29 días
  • Who likes Harry Potter these days

    Lance De SantaLance De SantaHace 29 días
  • He’s lucky mine got lost in the mail

    RjedijRjedijHace 29 días
  • Joker is anime harry so this is official

    That Gingerbread ManThat Gingerbread ManHace un mes
  • whats the song 0:14

    The_WhiteR34SkylineGTRThe_WhiteR34SkylineGTRHace un mes
    • Same can’t find it

      Seo MintySeo MintyHace 26 días
  • Lol 🤣

    black starsblack starsHace un mes
  • What is the name of the song

    B 270B 270Hace un mes
  • I like that scene

    Jack DeadyJack DeadyHace un mes
  • It was Harry's destiny 🐵

    black starsblack starsHace un mes
  • Bro I love this

  • haha punch

    Chim-Chim And SpritleChim-Chim And SpritleHace un mes
  • Harry's my main

    C VelezC VelezHace un mes
  • ahhhh shit here we go again

    BurgerBoy997BurgerBoy997Hace un mes
  • biootyful

    kangsook parkkangsook parkHace un mes
  • You're killer Harry

    JoeJoeJoeJoeHace un mes
  • Song?

    Richter GamerRichter GamerHace un mes
  • umm...

    Dylan KirbyDylan KirbyHace un mes

    Mason SamudioMason SamudioHace un mes
  • the boys reacted to this

    Carter SimonCarter SimonHace un mes
  • Lmao

    LinkLinkHace un mes
  • Hahahhahahhahahah

    Caleb LargeyCaleb LargeyHace un mes
  • lol, Harry is maybe the weakest character

    Lucas HuLucas HuHace un mes
  • Harry: Wow! I got invited to smash! Donkey Kong: Bashes skull into neck.

    The Jurassic WolfThe Jurassic WolfHace un mes
  • Luke skywalker deserved the invite >:( He would have pulled out his dad’s world famous choke.

    Spyder AnimsSpyder AnimsHace un mes
  • Song?

    Pay4SurePay4SureHace un mes
  • Who else came from the boys channels

    DwightLMAODwightLMAOHace un mes
  • I died when donkey kong smash attacked harry

    Unleashed 123Unleashed 123Hace un mes
  • What was the song in the video

    NandoGames The Creeper KingNandoGames The Creeper KingHace un mes
  • Ptdr😂😂😂

    matteo meuniermatteo meunierHace un mes
  • This is... like... so dark, but I couldn't stop laughing!

    The Jurassic WolfThe Jurassic WolfHace un mes
  • What's the name of the song

    Turtle 16Turtle 16Hace un mes
  • Donkey kong after hearing harry is in smash after beating every character: there is another

    tj trm2tj trm2Hace un mes
  • Up and b would be Hermione lifting harry up into the air like "WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA"

    Xavier CorbusXavier CorbusHace un mes
  • Don’t heart this comment

    Luz NocedaLuz NocedaHace un mes
  • I'm here before the 1 mio wow

    Vincent HahnVincent HahnHace un mes
  • Tophat2runTophat2runHace un mes
  • This is a masterpiece

    Carlos E Dorado OsorioCarlos E Dorado OsorioHace un mes
  • Harry should go into the smash universe

    Josiah BrandtJosiah BrandtHace un mes
  • Hagrid: Harry your a Smash Bros Harry: Imma what?

    TikiTikiHace un mes
  • Dear Mr. Potter, We're pleased to inform you have been invited to join Super Smash Bros.

    kwarkman85kwarkman85Hace un mes
  • Bro im so siked now thats Harry's in smash can't wait lol

    clutch kingclutch kingHace un mes
  • Harry gets what he deserves

    Karen NadeauKaren NadeauHace un mes
  • Next time: O/ {| / } *Herey Stickman* *Distracts the roster*

    Aidan WoodwardAidan WoodwardHace un mes
  • REGULAR SMASH NEWCOMER: *beats up every long-time veteran and popular character* HARRY: *gets socked by veteran*

    PooperPooperHace un mes
  • Wat dis song

    Samuel Skinner InchleySamuel Skinner InchleyHace un mes
  • This suggestion couldn't be worse. Harry can't be a fighter. He's a movie/book character.

    miguel Garcesmiguel GarcesHace un mes
  • Harry! Did you put your name in goblet of Nintendo?

    Ethan DEthan DHace un mes
  • What was the music

    Bk The kingBk The kingHace un mes
  • Harry be smashing

    JtowndizzleJtowndizzleHace un mes
  • How much is the dlc I NEED IT NOW.im kidding but NOW

    Majestic MalesticMajestic MalesticHace un mes