Donkey gets caught playing past his bed time

28 abr 2020
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  • OoO

    ValstraxValstraxHace 3 meses
  • The prince is gonna unplug his batteries for sure now!

    Stale Cracker Jack BoxStale Cracker Jack BoxHace 4 meses

    Alexander AvilaAlexander AvilaHace 4 meses
  • How do you edit that

    ODDs David YTPODDs David YTPHace 4 meses
  • This is my favorite meme of all time

    Jack JordanJack JordanHace 5 meses
  • buh bye

    SobrienaascSobrienaascHace 6 meses
  • Should have closed it all the way!

    Fricks The FricksFricks The FricksHace 6 meses

    Mantae Rayza / NinakhengMantae Rayza / NinakhengHace 7 meses
  • Donkey...

    DJYonderTheLlamaDJYonderTheLlamaHace 7 meses
  • Shrek 2 (2004)

    Roblox Bradley Joe 12Roblox Bradley Joe 12Hace 7 meses
  • I ended up getting pro at this as a kid. Cut the sound, then shut the ds and hide it under the pillow, face facing away from the door. Worked beautifully.

    Exodus NExodus NHace 7 meses
  • Mario! You damn traitor! You were supposed to bring me happiness, not despair!

    Taoster ProductionsTaoster ProductionsHace 7 meses
  • best thing I ever seen during quality

    richmo 10richmo 10Hace 8 meses
  • *Literally me*

    『dazed』『dazed』Hace 8 meses
  • I saw someone repost this and removed the watermark

    RoxStarFoxy ProductionsRoxStarFoxy ProductionsHace 8 meses
  • F

    The Longo Boys GamingThe Longo Boys GamingHace 8 meses
  • Mario has hurt alot of us

    It'sMeAz'LIt'sMeAz'LHace 9 meses
  • I was no fool and always had one earbud in and the other out for enhanced reflexes.

    NoelDrawsNoelDrawsHace 9 meses
  • It funny because this happened to me

    Superluisdagamer _Superluisdagamer _Hace 9 meses
  • Dude. I was expecting Prince Charming to close the door and then donkey would bring out his game and then realize he’s still in the room. Also. Fake, Donkey is dead.

    The Blah FamilyThe Blah FamilyHace 9 meses
  • F

    L-KongL-KongHace 10 meses
  • Ok but who had the launch DS?

    BeanosBeanosHace 10 meses
  • My mom is too smart for this trick :(

    Benjamin NiessBenjamin NiessHace 10 meses
  • I thought that he was going to get caught playing with himself

    Mr. FloydMr. FloydHace 10 meses
  • oml this is so fucking accurate you had 2 seconds to find a position and you ended up t posing in bed like was i really that fucking stupid

    Kakyoin Sex GamingKakyoin Sex GamingHace 10 meses
  • Lol

    Jayden UndercoverJayden UndercoverHace 10 meses
  • My dad checking that I’m sleeping or not Me:

    diluc is angrydiluc is angryHace 10 meses
  • Imagine having a handheld console with a real backlight This comment brought to you by 90s Gang

    TheKissTheKissHace 10 meses
  • Damn Nintendo wanting to add wholesome features into their games

    DanFire FlareDanFire FlareHace 10 meses
  • My first thought why donkey broke his own neck and had left short psycho message for the prince.

    Miłosz MałekMiłosz MałekHace 10 meses
  • This is great editing

    Comically AverageComically AverageHace 10 meses
  • Me: goes to sleep before mom catches me Mario: *I was never really on your side*

    Akmask 1Akmask 1Hace 10 meses
  • The worst part is when your parents are quiet so id look up to see my mom staring at me with her hand out for my tablet

    Starry NoxStarry NoxHace 10 meses
    • That's why it's beneficial to live in a house that creaks with every step. Downside is you can't sneak to the fridge without waking everyone up.

      Nicholas ShawNicholas ShawHace 9 meses
    • then you weren’t a real one. if you used a tablet u were bougie. we used ds’s nerd

      Kakyoin Sex GamingKakyoin Sex GamingHace 10 meses
  • Me: Time to have a good night sleep! Also me: Staying up all night playing on the Nintendo 3DS XL

    CMBGAMER 2018 TVCMBGAMER 2018 TVHace 10 meses
  • I expected a shrex box meme

    MonkeMonkeHace 10 meses
  • Fucking amateures neither did he hide it under the pillow he had the volume up! Or am I the only one who learned how to be completely silent?

    Volt The vroomerVolt The vroomerHace 10 meses
  • The sad part is he wouldn’t have got caught if it weren’t for Mario’s BYE BYE

    HatPlezHatPlezHace 10 meses
  • Mario is a goddamn narc

    dryboneskirbydryboneskirbyHace 10 meses
  • You’re animation is so goooood.

    The Memer Man シThe Memer Man シHace 10 meses
  • Jonkari, how do I obtain your powers

    Mr. StringTombMr. StringTombHace 10 meses
  • I hate mario for saying bye bye when I use to do this

    atoverslatoverslHace 10 meses
  • I wonder where the wolf is?

    Eternally Dying InsideEternally Dying InsideHace 10 meses
  • We all been there

    Tea SaurusTea SaurusHace 10 meses
  • Check PM pls

    AldosWorld TVAldosWorld TVHace 10 meses
    • Didnt expect to see you here

      Mr random ?Mr random ?Hace 2 meses
  • Weird

    blueghost aidanblueghost aidanHace 10 meses
  • Mario what you be DOInG WITH DONKEY

    _.Spook.__.Spook._Hace 10 meses
  • He just got Bye Byed.

  • F

    RickshawRaiderRickshawRaiderHace 11 meses
  • yeah but the rush you get when you pull that off is amazing.

    Forgetful HatterForgetful HatterHace 11 meses
  • Why I can relate to this

    DannyTheFluff StoikovaDannyTheFluff StoikovaHace 11 meses
  • Bro, he’s so trash at this, I be fake sleeping when either one of my parents get up, either way I would hide my phone under my pillow, or just set it away from me, I even turn on silent mode

    EdgeLord 69EdgeLord 69Hace 11 meses
  • Always have the volume muted. Just saying.

    memesunitememesuniteHace 11 meses
  • Hey Jonkari

    JejkobbbJejkobbbHace 11 meses
  • Rose's are red Glass is clear I was watching videos And I ended up here

    PdawgUltimatePdawgUltimateHace 11 meses
  • Underrated Channel

    Hho YeetHho YeetHace 11 meses
  • I question you sanity But applaud your craft.

    Jade AserehtJade AserehtHace 11 meses
  • I just found your channel and my god this is some of the best quality content I’ve stumbled upon in a long while! Keep up the good shit my man!

    Yhorm The Jolly GiantYhorm The Jolly GiantHace 11 meses
  • This is to real

    Toni MacaroniToni MacaroniHace 11 meses
  • I miss games that did that when you closed it

    Echoes Act 3Echoes Act 3Hace 11 meses
    • this video shows exactly why i dont

      Kakyoin Sex GamingKakyoin Sex GamingHace 10 meses
  • Get the fuck out of my room I'm playing Minecraft

    Vin KieVin KieHace 11 meses
  • Stubborn Jackass

    AtarianAtarianHace 11 meses
  • Hahaha. That last “bye bye” was perfect. Too accurate.

    NadeshikkoNadeshikkoHace 11 meses
  • This was edited so damn well.

    CallsignGenericCallsignGenericHace 11 meses
  • yo i'm gonna get caught watching this video past my bedtime

    KenmindoesthingsKenmindoesthingsHace 11 meses
  • Quarantine is soo boring that EpicDonutDude's meme playlist quadrupled really fast. 3000 videos and this is the first one I see. (I miss Yee)

    ButterButterHace 11 meses
  • This hits REALLY close to home

    JameJuiceJameJuiceHace 11 meses
  • Si.

    Retard boyRetard boyHace 11 meses
    • sì icchè

      effeguitareffeguitarHace 10 meses
    • Wat

      randomperson onlinerandomperson onlineHace 11 meses
  • yoooo this high tier editing and vfx bro

    Chibi_monkey 237Chibi_monkey 237Hace 11 meses
  • Amateur didn't even hide it under his pillow

    Dolan DarkerDolan DarkerHace 11 meses
    • Gabriel Gaytan no

      Mario But With DripMario But With DripHace 8 meses
    • Not A trap nah man, you hide it IN your body so they can’t do the “get out of bed” trick

      Mario But With DripMario But With DripHace 8 meses
    • He’s gotta go to “hiding devices under your pillow academy”

      NubStarNubStarHace 9 meses
    • Lmao I remember goin super sonic speed when I heard my dad comin upstairs

      Nilla シNilla シHace 10 meses
    • NCOMP1337 there is

      Kakyoin Sex GamingKakyoin Sex GamingHace 10 meses
  • Dang bro you even used the old silver DS thaf weighed like a brick

    Superior PolskaSuperior PolskaHace 11 meses
  • F

    Bogdan GordinBogdan GordinHace 11 meses
  • almost got to level 1-2

    sakasakaHace 11 meses
  • My genius child self always had the volume all the way down 😎 can’t imagine being caught

    クラスムKrasmクラスムKrasmHace 11 meses
    • I had a 3ds. Jokes on u

      Nilla シNilla シHace 7 meses
    • Bruh if you actually played super mario bros ds you would know you cant turn the bye bye off

      tenko shlmuratenko shlmuraHace 7 meses
    • Oh I did it to not piss my parents off when we were in the same room

      Mario But With DripMario But With DripHace 8 meses
    • Ah, yes.

      Nilla シNilla シHace 10 meses
    • same

      Oscar LopezOscar LopezHace 10 meses
  • He look dead

    The great VeedramaxThe great VeedramaxHace 11 meses
  • I remember playing new super mario bros with my friends at a sleepover and when we all did the fake sleeping thing cuz their mom checked on us and it was just an orchestra of bye byes.

    - Shrigga -- Shrigga -Hace 11 meses
    • Maybe that was on purpose so we could sleep.

      Austin The Super Luigi FanAustin The Super Luigi FanHace 4 meses
    • 0:05 when I play robox and my dad saw me and I pretend that I fall asleep

      ODDs David YTPODDs David YTPHace 4 meses
    • DankMemer45 You could always jailbreak your 3ds Now at days it is quite easy to do it and once you do it you pretty much can play any ds game that your heart may desire :,)

      Alex AcostaAlex AcostaHace 7 meses
    • MiroPVP yeah you can, it’s just... not the same, you know what I mean?

      Mario But With DripMario But With DripHace 7 meses
    • @Mario But With Drip I am pretty sure you can

      MiroPVPMiroPVPHace 7 meses
  • I can't stress enough the PTSD involved with this video

    Trent AllenTrent AllenHace 11 meses

    dw5212dw5212Hace 11 meses
  • Seriously man.. How the fuck do you come up with this shit, lmao.

    Olli LehtonenOlli LehtonenHace 11 meses
  • Just a matter of time

    LemonLemonHace 11 meses
  • This spoke to me on a personal level

    Lucky RockLucky RockHace 11 meses
    • K

      Mr OshMr OshHace 10 meses
  • Bad donkey!

    teague.teague.Hace 11 meses
  • Also you can't blame him. School is out so why have a bedtime?

    AustinAKRAustinAKRHace 11 meses
  • it does it again lady's and lady'nts, Jonkari has does it again. He's done editing magic.

    AustinAKRAustinAKRHace 11 meses
  • He bout to get the belt

    Neifi RamosPazNeifi RamosPazHace 11 meses
    • Oh gees

      Mario But With DripMario But With DripHace 8 meses
    • Oh god

      Jotaro KujoJotaro KujoHace 10 meses
  • DONKEY!!!!

    Roman PalaciosRoman PalaciosHace 11 meses
  • This is so quality omg

    Joshua DunlapJoshua DunlapHace 11 meses
  • at least he wasn't caught doing something else

    CrumbsCrumbsHace 11 meses
    • sus

      Carter NetzelCarter NetzelHace 4 meses
    • @RauKillz With his opposable thumbs

      K BK BHace 10 meses
    • @RauKillz interesting theory

      rrHace 10 meses
    • Adventure time deer episode

      Buster_ brwnBuster_ brwnHace 10 meses
    • @The Moon He takes them off

      RauKillzRauKillzHace 10 meses
  • Thank god he wasn't doing something else if you know what I mean ;-) Watching Jonkari P videos, that is

    JonieeboiiJonieeboiiHace 11 meses
  • 👌👌

    phuntsok zangye tsangphuntsok zangye tsangHace 11 meses
  • He in Quarantine so you can't blame him

    A Hard WorkerA Hard WorkerHace 11 meses
    • True we’re all going mad let the man do what he needs to do

      Mario But With DripMario But With DripHace 8 meses
    • Пптор

      тооимпиьт отпишусь. смрртооимпиьт отпишусь. смррHace 10 meses
    • Ikr

      EdgeLord 69EdgeLord 69Hace 11 meses
  • Yes but what if he didn’t

    angishangiangishangiHace 11 meses
  • Hits close to home

    Eric GulovsenEric GulovsenHace 11 meses
    • Omfg you poor but foolish soul

      Mario But With DripMario But With DripHace 8 meses
    • Bruh

      Jonkari PJonkari PHace 11 meses
  • Epic

    René GrotzRené GrotzHace 11 meses
  • Donkey, you know you shouldn't be up at this time of night!

    TechlinTechlinHace 11 meses
  • Bye Bye

    JanobotJanobotHace 11 meses
  • Wait, thats illegal.

    Sam the TroglobiteSam the TroglobiteHace 11 meses
  • he nearly did it, only to get screwed over by technology

    EpicDonutDudeEpicDonutDudeHace 11 meses
    • He went *Bye byyyyyyyyyyyyye*

      Simeon JonesSimeon JonesHace 11 meses
    • Mario snitchin

      NoiceNoiceHace 11 meses
    • Donkey is gonna be grounded for life now😓

      Jonkari PJonkari PHace 11 meses