Link has anger issues

27 mar 2021
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Link you good ?

  • The editing is amazing

    PerturbedxTiradePerturbedxTiradeHace un día
  • What is the name of this show ?

    1BA Z11BA Z1Hace 2 días
    • Ok thx🙂

      1BA Z11BA Z1Hace 2 días
    • The office

      Jonkari PJonkari PHace 2 días
  • The editing on this is amazing

    Sbassbear ComedySbassbear ComedyHace 3 días
  • i feel bad

  • Your editing skills are just too damn good

    NaZallionNaZallionHace 3 días
  • This is what it looks like when you spend all day trying to learn a bullet time bounce setup

    Jordy ShortRibsJordy ShortRibsHace 7 días
  • Its perfect...

    redredHace 8 días
  • Well it got better and better

    Gdg NauGdg NauHace 8 días
  • How u edit so good?

    Gru SexoGru SexoHace 8 días
  • Whats the music being played called?

    The stats GuyThe stats GuyHace 12 días
  • This shouldn't be this good, it's just not right.

    Meninx87Meninx87Hace 13 días
  • How did this look so good its uncanny but well made

    The Conductor EsplinThe Conductor EsplinHace 14 días
  • Keep it up man.

    CaptainCaptainHace 14 días
  • What’s the name of this piano song in background?

    1 Man from De_Nuke1 Man from De_NukeHace 14 días
    • @GOR3GEOUZ Thank you!

      1 Man from De_Nuke1 Man from De_NukeHace 12 días
    • Great Fairy Fountain - The Legend of Zelda

      GOR3GEOUZGOR3GEOUZHace 12 días
  • Hu that is strange

    blueghost aidanblueghost aidanHace 14 días
  • May I ask what editing software you use?

    King KenethKing KenethHace 14 días
  • Chill link

    Super TwinsSuper TwinsHace 14 días
  • How you do this

    Evan AndersenEvan AndersenHace 14 días
  • Saw this in the forbidden app and came by

    lin1992lin1992Hace 14 días
  • My therapist: Stanlink isn't real, he can't hurt you Stanlink:

    DerpRaptorDerpRaptorHace 15 días
  • hehehhehhe

    DURRDURRHace 15 días
  • 😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥👍👍

    HekezuHekezuHace 16 días
  • Man the tracking on this one is so good

    ACDGamer 7ACDGamer 7Hace 16 días
  • This is beautiful.

  • You're an editing god omg

    MonkeyJumboMonkeyJumboHace 16 días
  • This looks so good

    KadzKadzHace 16 días
    • Bro who let thanos meme maker in here

      FissleDissleFissleDissleHace 14 días
  • Amazing masking!

    MaxiANMMaxiANMHace 16 días
  • this is art

    Fr33lancersFr33lancersHace 16 días
  • Congratulations stranger, you have made me laugh. Good job, I’ll be looking out for more in the future

    NyarlathotepNyarlathotepHace 16 días
  • Holy fuck this is so clean

    IndigoInkaIndigoInkaHace 16 días
  • You’re a wizard, Jonkari

    JimmyJimmyHace 16 días
  • This is so gooood! You composited that so well dude. Thats insane. You can hardly see any clipping or anything. Your work takes such skill and talent it’s ridiculous

    Random Bricks AnimationsRandom Bricks AnimationsHace 16 días
    • I really appreciate it thank you!

      Jonkari PJonkari PHace 15 días
  • My god, please teach me your editing wizardry.

    OkoiiOkoiiHace 16 días
  • How do all of your videos have such a level of polish, it's really astounding

    jimmy Bruntjimmy BruntHace 16 días
  • What’s the song in the background

    Kyhlen Bolton-NorfleetKyhlen Bolton-NorfleetHace 16 días
    • Great Fairy Fountain - The Legend of Zelda

      feltocraigfeltocraigHace 16 días
  • Stanley has no remorse on anyone

    MeatyPackyMeatyPackyHace 16 días
  • Nice work

    BlurrBlurrHace 16 días
  • We need more

    Jad MasriJad MasriHace 16 días
  • The quality is unparalleled good lord

    WheathinFilmsWheathinFilmsHace 16 días
  • I love this so godamn much. Great work!

    Bmo BeemoBmo BeemoHace 16 días
  • Link went full barbaric on those bokoblins

    AverageGamer 57AverageGamer 57Hace 16 días
  • Hey that's a nice video.

    Ken and sushiKen and sushiHace 16 días
  • The Office now canonically exists in the same universe as Spiderman and Zelda Breath Of The Wild very good

    PDocDannyPDocDannyHace 16 días
  • Dude this is so quality omg

    Nathan JohnsonNathan JohnsonHace 16 días
  • Nice man, well done again

    Cris ReusCris ReusHace 16 días
  • This is wayyy too well edited man like what the hell

    DraculusDraculusHace 16 días
  • What song is that

    Richard ReynoldsRichard ReynoldsHace 17 días
    • Great Fairy Fountain - The Legend of Zelda

      feltocraigfeltocraigHace 16 días
  • When are you making a movie?

    Charles Ingvar JönssonCharles Ingvar JönssonHace 17 días
  • I love how the peaceful harp music cuts out when it goes to Stanley talking.

    Brianna MacArthurBrianna MacArthurHace 17 días
  • Does Stanley have a mustache

    MørkeMørkeHace 17 días
  • Yo this is really good! as always of course.

    the real Bobuxmanthe real BobuxmanHace 17 días
  • 'Ganon's minions, slaughtered by the millions' -Bokoblin Slayer

    Alvaro MendozaAlvaro MendozaHace 17 días
  • Your memes are on a different caliber, man

    Meme ZeeMeme ZeeHace 17 días
  • Why does this look so clean?

    Eric SchusterEric SchusterHace 17 días
  • "Truce?" Link: DID I STUTTER?

    OrchadeOrchadeHace 17 días
  • Did he stutter?

    The Pencil BuddyThe Pencil BuddyHace 17 días
  • So incredibly well edited!

    Aiden LevasseurAiden LevasseurHace 17 días
  • i almost died of laughter

    Albinator2Albinator2Hace 17 días
  • holy shit

    Albinator2Albinator2Hace 17 días
  • This is art

    Mattia VenatorMattia VenatorHace 17 días
  • It's all that pent up anger from not being able to save Marin from being trapped as a seagull forever .

    Tatter TotTatter TotHace 17 días
  • This is gold

    HazelnutHazelnutHace 17 días
  • The editing to this is ridiculous

    Dios MiosDios MiosHace 17 días
  • masterpiece

    DiabloDexDiabloDexHace 17 días
  • this is the highest quality meme ive seen in months

    Dancing Dead BoiDancing Dead BoiHace 17 días
    • That’s just Jonkari P for ya

      TreddoxTreddoxHace 15 días
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    TheTwelfthXTheTwelfthXHace 17 días
  • Clean

    IgotDiumIgotDiumHace 17 días
  • This man could add Shaquille O’Neil to a bugs life if he chooses to. I’m scared of what’s capable

    Rez1kRez1kHace 17 días
  • Holy shit I have never seen something like this

    JuhoJuhoHace 17 días
  • 😂 LOL!

    Ruji 94Ruji 94Hace 17 días
  • Peace was never an option

    mbrown1954mbrown1954Hace 17 días
  • Angery

    KirboKirboHace 17 días
  • Oh man! You are awesome! I know this video is only 17 seconds long, but I understand how difficult it is to make an animation like this. You are amazing! Like!

    Pedophile GamingPedophile GamingHace 17 días
  • I don't blame him

    LVBBoiLVBBoiHace 17 días
  • It seems to me this is worth beyond our understanding.

    Well Done SirWell Done SirHace 17 días
  • I love it

    A Hard WorkerA Hard WorkerHace 17 días
  • Memes have changed

    NRobbiNRobbiHace 17 días
  • very high quality

    ALEETALEETHace 17 días
  • When you're playing a stealth game on easy difficulty and the mission says "Stealth is optional."

    Rafa AmrullahRafa AmrullahHace 17 días
  • Brilliant memes as always

    CalebCalebHace 17 días
  • Love your work

    jsimilien24 jsimilien24jsimilien24 jsimilien24Hace 17 días
  • link needs to chill

    Marchello21Marchello21Hace 17 días
  • Masterpiece as always

    TechlinTechlinHace 17 días
  • This is amazing! 😂🤣

    The Art of SoulThe Art of SoulHace 17 días
  • The official live action Zelda movie is lookin' pretty good tho

    Comical Realm AnimationsComical Realm AnimationsHace 17 días
  • wow bro this is amazing

    RxnjiFaygoRxnjiFaygoHace 17 días
  • Lol

    KedoX PlayerKedoX PlayerHace 17 días
  • He did the right thing A bokoblin trying to truce with the enemy and betray Ganon doesn’t deserve to life

    Thug KermitThug KermitHace 17 días
  • the masking on Stanley is so clean holy cow

    TheLucksterTheLucksterHace 17 días
  • I just started this game for the first time 2 days ago, nice timing

    Gman BoucherGman BoucherHace 17 días
  • Stanley with blonde hair feels so wrong yet so right

    Mister BeaverMister BeaverHace 17 días
  • What's a 9 letter word for the "Great King of Evil"

    MyeauxyooziMyeauxyooziHace 17 días
    • ganondork

      StormBurnXStormBurnXHace 16 días
  • What have I watched

    FireheadFireheadHace 17 días
  • He solved the issue, thats for sure

    ElinaElinaHace 17 días
  • Stanley can beat anything after having to deal with Michael for years

    EpicDonutDudeEpicDonutDudeHace 17 días
    • Wha? No replies? Btw... Hello

      the real Bobuxmanthe real BobuxmanHace 2 días